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Banking consultancy: Customer Experience and Beta Tests

Objective of the mission: Improve the customer experience in branches, the redesign of the mobile application, Test of the e-banking solution The mission took place over 3 months in 18 bank branches. Our teams were divided between the headquarters and the various areas.

The Client

Our client is one of the main financial institutions in West Africa, present mainly in Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso. It operates in more than 16 countries in Africa.

The objective of the mission

The bank has set up a mobile application for the management and operations of individual accounts. The strategyks team was in charge of the “closed beta tests” of the application and the customer journey in the bank. The aim was to improve the user experience during the various transactions for withdrawing cash, requesting a bank card and opening an account.

-Check the stability of the software, possible bugs, crashes and security breaches

-Test the solution more extensively on multiple configurations and environments (Windows/Mac, Desktop/Mobile, Different browsers, etc.)

-Improve the software thanks to user feedback

-Identify the points of friction


3 months

Human resources

The mission required the recruitment of a total of 23 people.

10 Analysts testing the application

2 Supervisors (1 software and 1 customer experience)

5 Interns for the customer experience

1 Statistician

2 Data Analyst

The Tests

Application testing: exploratory tests were guided: and were done at headquarters.

-With the whole team at headquarters, for 2 days of the week

-Without supervision for 2 other days, in order to have feedback on the use in the natural and daily context (at home, during walks,...)

-The debrief in 1 day on the possible problems encountered and the necessary resources

The customer experience

All transactions were carried out in the client's various branches. The mission consisted in looking for pain points in the customer experience:

-Identify the waiting time for each cash register transaction

-Identify and quantify the waiting time for the operations included in the specifications

-Agency client interviews

-The preferences of users compared to other offers from banks,

-The difficulties encountered when using the products

-Access to the bank's various services, including customer service and the call center.

The results

Following the analysis of customer feedback and test feedback were released, which allowed us to report to the bank's operations, sales and technical department in order for them to take measures to correct the bugs in the application and improve the customer experience.

Below are some of the results of the final report:

Mobile app:

A total of 14 mobile devices, all of different models, were used for the tests. Samsung, Iphone, Huawei, Xiaomi, Itel. mainly on 3 different mobile phone networks. Following the tests, 38 anomalies were reported by our teams on the various mobile devices used.

-17 major anomalies

-14 minor anomalies

-7 comments and suggestions

  1. The download on Android is going well, however the launch of the application the first time was not done correctly on Samsung A06 and several Xiaomi models, the application had to be relaunched for it to work well.
  2. The geolocation present in the software displayed a graphic defect
  3. 5 spelling errors in the transaction module
  4. 7 Suggestions (multilingual version, location of agencies, customer service contacts...)

Customer experience:

We identified 5 points of friction and 12 problems in the customer journey, which delayed the customer enormously in their operations.

5 internal consultants were in charge of going around the branches and carrying out the maximum number of banking transactions while noting important elements such as the duration of the operation, the waiting time..

  1. The waiting time at the cash register was relatively long, some customers also remain in lines outside the bank

--> We had suggested a customer advisor at the entrance of the bank in order to take the concerns of customers, treat them if necessary or redirect them to the department concerned

  1. The balance displayed on the mobile application and the one at the counter differed
  2. Customer support is not diverse, only the phone number was available, but the line was often busy.

A statistical interface was delivered to the customer in order to have the status of the studies carried out and the analyses carried out in more detail.

Conclusion of the study

Following the recommendations given, in particular on the mobile application and the user experience, a final report was sent to the general management. As a deliverable, we have attached a web page for monitoring and insights.


Duration of the mission: 3 months