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Fintech Consulting: Mobile Application Test

The mission was to improve the user's customer experience and ensure that the software worked perfectly in the target market.

The Client

Our client is a Fintech company that offers via a mobile application to benefit from a bank account, and immediately receive a VISA card to make payments online or on TPE, transfer money from mobile money to your Visa card and vice versa. The company is present in three African countries, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali and Senegal

The objective of the mission

In 2020, the company launched its application, the speed and ease of the user experience was a major concern. The strategyks team was selected for the “usability tests” of its application. This was mainly to ensure that the application was downloaded correctly on Playstore and App Store from different phone models. As well as user tests specific to the operations offered by the application.

-Offer a smooth user experience

-Check the usability of the application interface

-Improve the user's ease of navigation

-Improve the user journey (all software features, actions and possible scenarios)


2 months

Human resources

A team composed of 20 people for the mission

15 testers

2 supervisors

2 Data Analyst

1 Database developer (internal)

The Tests

The software tests were carried out remotely. Each user was invited to complete several tasks related to the product.

The feedback was sent by the testers and then validated by a new test by the supervisors before disclosure on the platform.

The mission protocol listed 89 tasks to be carried out under the supervision of the supervisors and consultants.

Exploratory tests

They were carried out on 20 different mobile devices, the tests were guided and supervised by the supervisors over a period of 3 days a week. In the morning and in the afternoon the meeting was taken up with the whole team. The coverage of the test was vast because we combined several versions of Android and IOS (the last two versions), also different devices were used: the mobile phone, the tablet...

The main phone brands: Samsung Iphone, Huawei, Huawei, Xiaomi, Xiaomi, Xiaomi, Xiaomi, Itel, Oppo, Oneplus, Honor, and Infinix. All under different models. A total of 22 phones and 5 tablets were requested for tests involving different operating systems.

Usability tests

-Download the application under different environments and platforms

-Card purchase process

-Bank transaction - Mobile money (various amounts)

-Money deposit (via mobile money)

-Bank withdrawal (different banks)

The results

Following the tests, we recorded 12 comments, 21 anomalies and defects were listed, which allowed us to report to the technical department in order to incorporate the changes in future versions of the software. Below are some recommendations from the final report:

  1. Anomalies:

-Reloading via mobile money was not done correctly on previous versions of Android, especially version 9 and 10.

-The first launch of the application was not done correctly: Observed on Iphone 11 (two attempts)

  1. Minor faults:

-The return after a transaction is not done automatically

-The screenshot after a bank transfer is not loaded correctly

  1. Suggestions :

-Incorporate a geolocation of VISA card retailers because it is often out of stock

-Propose a detailed price section for each transaction in the application

Conclusion of the study

Following the tests carried out, the test team allowed the technical department to release a new version by including the new suggestions and correcting the anomalies and defects. A final report was sent to the commercial director as well as to the general manager who ordered the mission. As deliverable via the secure domain, we have attached the list of bug comments as well as related screenshots.


Duration of the mission: 2 months