A team of dedicated experts who are passionate about the art of data analysis, product improvement, and creating successful customer experiences.


What type of service do you offer?

Strategyks mainly offers data analysis consultancy customer-oriented, including a functional analysis of the product, and the improvement of customer experience through usability tests.

How can I help my business grow?

Strategyks provides an outsourced team of experienced customer data analysts who can collect customer data, process it in order to identify trends and guide your sales team towards the best strategies.

What are the advantages of my offer?

With regard to digital solutions, we improve the usability of the product by providing of a dedicated team composite including: experts as well as beginners in order to highlight the shortcomings of the product and the customer journey and help improve the offer to users.


How does it work?

1) Receiving customer needs : and proposal of an analysis approach to be validated.
2) Proposed work plan: Provision of the work team, schedules and working method
3) Delivery of the work and availability of the results, All analyses, results and suggestions are made available to the customer in a simple, periodic manner.

How many people are there in the teams?

We can mobilize between 5 and 100 people and 100+ for software performance testing. However, the teams and the location are chosen according to the client's workload. For usability tests, we prefer remote teams,

What tools are available to the customer?

We provide the customer with a platform data analysis and test feedback management in order to better understand visitor behavior, gain insight into recorded defects as well as suggestions on how to use the customer's offer.

We had used Screeb and Canny, platforms for analysing user behavior and managing comments However, for the sake of confidentiality and simplicity, we are now adopting a special secure domain, dedicated to the customer for viewing test results and other comments.


User privacy and data security?

All data provided by customers is not used for other purposes. At the beginning of the contract, we sign a confidentiality contract, between strategyks and the client, also between strategies and each member of the work team.

What is the geographical location?

Our offices are in Abidjan - Dakar and very soon in Paris. For a project, we rent an additional workspace in case of need for additional people in the team.

How do I contact you?

For any questions you can contact us at contact@strategyks.com. Also to the telephone contacts in the section Contacts.