Today, digital services are mainly focused on: User experience.
Strategyks allows the customer to benefit from an optimal experience through a very broad test coverage in terms of combination of devices, OS and browsers; over a minimum period of 30 days.

The objective is to identify the anomalies and the imperfections that can affect the performance of the application, degrade the quality of the user experience and customer satisfaction in general.

[WEB - APP] - E-Commerce Website Testing - Clothing Brand

11/04/2022 at 08:30 GMT
17/05/2022 at 17:30 GMT

Define the testing strategy
Propose a protocol for each test phase
Ensure that the user experience is as smooth as possible
Find the maximum number of faults and anomalies
Test the performance of key functions and the quality of the main pages
Offer a wide range of devices and configurations to test
Make recommendations

3 test campaigns launched over a period of 5 months
We tested the website and the application on 108 configurations (PC, Mac, Smartphones)
30 days: Guided phase
15 Days: Exploratory
5 days: Compiling bugs + reporting to the customer
Protocol: 122 test steps conducted in semi-guided mode in the test laboratory.

Thanks to this campaign, 74 significant bugs were discovered on the app and the website.

StrategyKS- Result reports
Exploratory test
Semi-guided test,
Testing specific functionalities

Practical phase:
Key functions
Download, Install, Uninstall
Key Features, Purchase Process, Redirects
Ergonomics, Graphics, Wording, Navigation
Customer journey
Customer Support: Information Request, Request and Complaints
Others: Communicated by the customer
Reviews and comments
New features
Strategyks a testé le site et l'application sur 29 différents appareils :
9 smartphones Android
5 smartphones IOS
4 Tablettes android
6 ordinateurs portables sous Windows 10/11
3 ordinateurs Macbook sous MAC OSX 12/13
2 Desktop sous windows 10

Système d'exploitation:
Windows et MAC OS
Android et IOS

Testeurs: 12
Consultant UX: 2
Data analyste: 1
Superviseur: 2
Langue: Français , *Traduction anglaise pour le compte du client

Outils utilisés, rapport périodique

Blocker (11)

Installation: Failed

On the Samsung Galaxy S20, and Xiaomi 10 Pro the application failed on the first attempt, a second attempt was required in order to install it properly.

Galaxy S20 - iOS 17
Redmi Note 10 Pro - MIUI 12

Installation failed
Contact form: Application crash

1. On the iPhone 12, iPad mini 6, the application crashes every time the user clicks on the Contact button --> contact form.

2. On DELL - Windows 10 professional, the page returned to a 404 page by clicking on the form in the “contacts” section

Operating system
iOS 15 - iPad OS15 - Windows 10 Pro

App crash
App crash: After cancelling a payment

When a user has tried to cancel the payment and after clicking on the “” buttonCancel“, the application crashed unexpectedly and sent the user back to the home page.

Mobile: Xiaomi Redmi Note 12
Android: 14

Payment page : White screen

A white screen appears when the user makes the payment with an invalid promo code. This anomaly is blocking and prevents the payment from being made.
Mobile: iPhone X
iOS: 13, 14, and 15

Payment page

Major (8)

Authentication failed : Facebook login

Language bugs:
Iphone X and 11
iOS 13, 14 and 15

iOS infinite loading
Dysfunction: User registration failed

When a user has tried to cancel the payment and after clicking on the” buttonCancel“; the application crashed unexpectedly and sent the user back to the home page.

Redirection : Failed

When users attempted to return from registration step 2 to step 1, the user was redirected to the home page instead of step 1.

HP Pavilion laptop 15
Windows 11

Erreur redirection
Redirection :Error message

When users have tried to change the password in the user settings, after clicking return, an error message appears.

HP Probook 450G8 - DELL Latitude 3550
Windows 10 and 11 Professional

404 error : Terms and conditions page

The general conditions of services refer to a 404 page.
It is also not possible to download these terms and conditions.

Erreur 404 Page

Minor (41)

Ergonomic : Readability of the text

Some categories are not readable in the catalog section, the text is superimposed on the image, which creates a readability problem.
Samsung Galaxy S10
Android: 12

Défaut ergonomie
Validation page - Status: Not shown

When customers try to cancel a request made through the application, the application does not display a page or message validating the request to confirm that it was received.

Textual : Spelling mistakes and special characters

An invalid character was found in the text content
Incorrectly encoded special characters replace regular text

Spelling error
Reinitialization : Error

The password reset link does not work. When the user receives the link in their inbox. On click, the redirection returns to the home page instead of the reset procedure page

Ergonomics: Masked words

Some words are half hidden, in the payment confirmation section, on the “delivery address” section.

Translation: Error, Page in the wrong language

Pages in the wrong language: The contact form page includes part of the English page.

Suggestions (4)

Form: Request for information

>Delay in support responses: Greater than 48 hours
Request made on 17/04/2022 at 09:19 GMT
Answer received on 19/04/2022 at 15:32 GMT

>Automatic email reception response by the support not configured

Customer support: telephone contact

Waiting time > 5 min
Call made on 13/04/2022 at 14:35 GMT
Answer on 13/04/2022 at 14:41 GMT

Feedback: Appointment at the agency

-Long queue at the branch
-No customer orientation at the entrance of the agency



Blocking: Element that impedes access to the platform, critical dysfunction, impossible redirection...
: Functional element, defect affecting Performance and/or safety,
Miner: Text Element, Graphic
Suggestions: Ergonomics, Customer Service, Friction Point, Competitive Analysis

>Exploratory test: The testers replicate the behavior of a classic user and report as many anomalies as possible within the given time. All product components.
>Suggestion: How the team (testers, consultants, data analysts...) experience the use of the service and their suggestions.

Testing on multiple devices is very important. In many cases, bugs are found only in certain configurations. However, a B2C application is necessarily used by a wide range of devices. QA should be sized accordingly.

There are 3 main reasons for the abandonment of an application by a user:
-The bugs in the application,
-Charging time and
-A poor or poor user experience