A team of dedicated experts who are passionate about the art of data analysis, product improvement, and creating exceptional customer experiences for the customer.

Our services

Data analysis

Customer Data Collection, Processing, and Analysis

Improving the offer

Full customer view, fault finding.

Customer experience

Customer journey and digital experience

Revenue Strategy

Increase performance, expansion strategy

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1. Data analysis

Information is obtained from accurate data. Data quality is therefore crucial for accurate analyses.

Quantitative data
· Historical data
· Numbers (sales, demographics, etc.)
· Records (database, logs,...)

Data flux

Qualitative data
·Data collection by our dedicated team to improve the offer (opinions...)

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2. Product improvement

Quality is a major challenge for each deployment of new versions of a digital service (mobile application, website or any other)

The Strategyks team of consultants and testers provide functional testing. In addition to these tests, it is also a user experience expertise

We provide:
> Well described test scenarios,
>Illustrations (screenshots and videos) for each bug
>Relevant suggestions on the user experience of the product (mobile application, website, connected object, electronic device...)

Functional and user tests
> Compilation of anomalies
> Bug reporting
> Suggestions
> Correction of anomalies and bugs
>New tests or regression

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3. Customer experience

What do your customers think?
The test phases are essential to guarantee a quality customer user experience at all points.

Understanding users and their behaviors
Ensure a quality user experience -Response times are consistent
-Explicit and understandable actions

Our solutions rely on the human hidden behind the customer:
· Emotions
· Customer difficulties
· User experience reviews

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4. Revenue Strategy

Acquisition strategy
· Brand image improvement
· Identification and conquest of the addressable market
· Acquiring new customers
· Expansion, new markets

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Dedicated teams

Outsourced teams
- Test experts
- Data analysts,
- Commercial
- Customer advisors

Remote work

· Customer relationship and support
· Identify prospects in the target market




What type of advice do you offer?

Strategyks mainly offers data analysis consultancy customer-oriented, including a functional analysis of the product, and the improvement of customer experience through usability tests.

How can I help my business grow?

Strategyks provides an outsourced team of experienced customer data analysts who can collect customer data, process it in order to identify trends and guide the sales team to the best strategies.

For digital solutions, we improve the usability of the product by providing of a dedicated team, composite; experienced and beginners in order to highlight possible problems with the product and the customer journey and help improve the offer.

How many people are there in the teams?

We can mobilize between 5 and 100 people and 100+ for software performance testing. However, teams are recruited and allocated according to the workload.

What is the geographical location?

Our offices are in Abidjan - Dakar and very soon in Paris.
For a project, we rent additional workspace if necessary.

How do I contact you?

For any questions you can contact us at Also to the telephone contacts in the section Contacts.

Marketing Analytics

Deciphering data to reveal hidden trends, understand consumer behaviors, and guide customers to satisfaction.

Each insight is a key to improving the product and boosting sales.


“We had trouble getting data on surveys, complaints, and customer feedback. The strategyks team carried out the tasks in addition to the user tests on our SAAS solution.”


“Thanks to strategyks, we were able to obtain reliable customer data that allowed us to improve our flower packages.”


“The strategyks team analyzed our data over a period of 10 years, which sent us back some big historical customers.”

TONY, Director of Factory Operations



A harmonious fusion between a team of experts in data analysis and teams dedicated to each project.


We guarantee the accuracy of our data, ensuring a solid foundation for every strategy and every decision.

Confidentiality - Security

Our contractual commitment to data and project confidentiality and security.

Remote work

Our teams are working remotely. A daily report is sent to the customer


Improvement of the customer offer

Precise data

Precise insights to better understand customer data

customer experience

Trusted User Tests
Results (screenshots, videos)


A mixed team: experienced and beginners for a real experience.


Support and team of supervisors available.
Test Team Support

Analyse projet

Our Mission

Provide accurate data in order to facilitate customer understanding and the decision-making process.

Also ensure that the end customer has the best possible digital experience. Ensuring flexibility in adapting to customer needs

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The customer -centric approach : The commitment to a successful customer experience.

Continued InnovationContinuous Innovation: Continuously looking for new ways to create value for our customers.
Agility and adaptabilityAgility and Adaptability: Adapt quickly to market changes and changing customer needs.

Concrete data that allows your business to make the best business decisions